News of our Team:
2022.03.16 - We are now starting a new project of 6-months duration. It consists of perfoming cybersecurity peer-reviews of the infrastructure that may serve for networking, i.e., that may host networking management functions. The project is done together with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University of Daytona Beach (Florida, US).
2022.02.08 - We have been invited to the Mobile World congress, which will be held in Barcelona from Feb. 28th to March 3rd. Our scope: to understand new research directions towards the 6G.
2022.01.05 - Our team has initiated an Erasmus+ Project with the Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania) under a bilateral inter-institution agreement. The scope of the project is student and staff inter-exchange for investigating IoT and Mobile Networks.
2021.11.03 - German Peinado Gomez (a member of our team) has been asked to take part in the 5G Security Working Group in 3GPP (SA3) as a representative of Nokia.
2021.09.13 - The EU Cybersecurity Agency ENISA has published a Methodology for a Sectoral Cybersecurity Assessment co-authored by members of NGMN. It is public and downloable.
2021.09.11 - We published the tests that we performed on Purpose-built 5G infrastructure about Interoperability and Verticals.
2021.09.07 - We participated in a round-table about the European approach to 5G cybersecurity during the Forum Ekonomiczne in Karpacz.
2021.09.02 - Some members of the team started research on Open RAN for 5G infrastructures. Our first paper on 5G Open RAN has been published in mdpi Electronics.
2021.08.12 - Dr. Muhammad Imran agreed to join our team and to contriute to our research on the part of cloud and edge computing for mobile networks.
2021.07.07 - We participated in the kick-off meeting of our next project: 'Intelligent Management of next generation MobIle NEtworks aNd serviCEs' together with institutions from Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Sweeden and Austria. More information about the project you can find here.
2021.07.01 - We have given a talk on 5G services and killer applications during the Mobile World Congress MWC'21 in Barcelona
2021.06.04 - Prof. Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis has formally joint our group as external collaborator. 'Next Generation Mobile Networks' members work with Prof. Mavromoustakis since 2012, and we did many project together and published high-IF publications. It is our honor to have him formally on board.
2021.05.15 - We finished a short (6 months) project about an example sectorial risk assessment with the use of 5G. The project was conducted with other experts from Europe and coordinated by ENISA (European Cybersecurity Agency).
2021.05.08 - Some of us are starting a project with ENISA (European Cybersecurity Agency) about the new 5G sybersecurity scheme.
2021.05.01 - A new project is starting: "Security framework for 5G network based on multiple providers: specification, implementation and development of evaluation process". More about this project you can read here.
2021.04.18 - A paper about one use case on security policies has been published by Elsevier Computer Communications (Impact Factor: 2.816 - Q1): G. Peinado Gomez, J. Mongay Batalla, et al., Security policies definition and enforcement utilizing policy control function framework in 5G, Computer Communications, Vol. 172, Pp. 226-237, 2021.
2021.03.24 - Jordi Mongay Batalla has been awarded with the Medal of the 100th Anniversary of SEP (Polish Electrical Engineers Association). The motivations is based on the outstanding scientific and teaching achievements in electronics and ICT and gratitude for cooperation with the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers.
2021.03.12 - Mariusz Gajewski has obtained his Ph.D. degree with the Thesis: Management system in Smart Homes.
2021.02.24 - The set-up and running of our 5G Core Pilot is now finalished. All the Components of the 5G Core Network, including SGSN+MME+AMF, GW-C+SMF, GW-U+UPF, UDM+UDR+HSS, NRF, PCF+PCRF, NSSF, NEF, have been fully deployed on virtualized platform. At this moment, we are starting the conformance tests of the modules.
2020.11.25 - A new Ph.D. student is joining us: Mustafa Moushin. He is with Huawei for 5 years. He works in the mobile networks services department.
2020.10.15 - A new Ph.D. student is joining us: Tomasz Wichary. He is with Nokia for 10 years. He works in the cybersec department.
2020.09.17 - Jordi Mongay Batalla received the Golden Cyborg Award and the title of Teleinformatics Leader 2020. The Golden Cyborg Award is handed over annually to prominent personalities working on Telecommunications.
2020.08.18 - We wrote a paper about our work around the National Risk Assessment for 5G networks. This paper has been published in IEEE Wireless Communications (Impact Factor: 11.391 - Q1): G. Peinado Gomez, J. Mongay Batalla, et al., Security Risk Assessment for 5G networks - national perspective, IEEE Wireless communications, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 16-22, August 2020.
2020.07.02 - A paper on quality of eMBB services in 5G has been accepted for publication in IEEE Access (Impact Factor: 3.745 - Q1). This paper shows measurements made in our 5G radio infrastructure (Non-standalone): J. Mongay Batalla, On analyzing video transmission over wireless WiFi and 5G C-band in harsh IIoT environments, IEEE Access, vol. 8, pp. 118534-118541, 2020.
2020.02.22 - Our research on autonomous cars has been published in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing (Impact Factor: 5.005 - Q1): Jose Angel Flores, Jordi Mongay Batalla and Cengiz Togay, Redundant localization system for automatic vehicles. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Volume 136, 106433, Feb. 2020.
2019.10.30 - A new Ph.D. student is joining us: German Peinado Gomez. He is with Nokia for 20 years and is an expert on cybersecurity in mobile networks.
2019.06.29 - In cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Affairs, we condluded the Polish contribution to so-called EU Toolbox, which is a series of potential regulations and other measures that can be developed in Europe for mitigating risks in 5G network. EU Toolbox introduces measures at several levels: political, regulation, technological and business relations.
2019.03.22 - Our team is advicing the Ministry of Infrastructure over the communication technology for future automotive (including autonomous cars). We have presented a first document about the C-ITS standard.
2019.03.12 - An interesting debate about the deployment of 5G in Poland and its consequences was held yesterday at 'Rzeczpospolita' premises: The link of the debate is here.