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2022.03.08 - We are starting a short research experiment with the US on cyber in future mobile networks.
2022.02.08 - We will participate in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month.
2022.01.05 - We signed an Erasmus+ agreement with Politehnica University of Bucharest (Romania) for promoting visits of students and staff.
2021.11.03 - NGNM is represented in 3GPP SA3 (Security Working Group).
2021.09.13 - ENISA has published a Methodology for a Sectoral Cybersecurity Assessment co-authored by members of NGMN.
2021.09.11 - We published some test results on Interoperability and Verticals performance of 5G infrastructure.
2021.09.07 - We participated in the Forum Ekonomiczne in Karpacz within a round table on European approach to 5G certification.
2021.07.07 - We participated in the kick-off meeting of our next project on 6G Intelligent Networks.
2021.07.01 - We have given a talk on 5G services (messaging) during the Mobile World Congress MWC'21 in Barcelona.
2021.05.15 - We finished a 6 months-length project with ENISA on example sectorial risk assessment in 5G.
2021.05.08 - Some of us are starting a project with ENISA about the new 5G sybersecurity scheme.
2021.05.01 - We are now starting a new project on cybersecurity of 5G multi-provider networks.
2021.04.18 - Our paper on security policies has been published by Elsevier Computer Communications.
2021.03.24 - We have been awarded with the Medal of the 100th Anniversary of Polish Electrical Engineers Association.
2021.03.12 - Mariusz Gajewski has obtained his Ph.D. degree.
2021.02.24 - Our 5G Core Pilot is now full operative.