The following facilities are available for our projects and didactics (on mobile networks):

- Access to the 5G New Radio (5G NR) installation connected to the EPC (Non-standalone). This infrastructure was compiled in cooperation with the operator Orange and the equipment supplier Ericsson. It includes two Ericsson AIR 6488 Massive MIMO antennas supporting standard sectors (120 degrees) intended for typical wireless communication and operating in Non-Standalone mode

- Access to the 5G Core standalone backbone infrastructure, which will enable advanced research work on new functionalities, such as network slicing or management functions based on artificial intelligence. In the implemented tesbed, 5G Core will provide access to the following network functions of NF: NRF, PCF + PCRF, UDM + AUSF + HSS / HLR, AMF + MME / SGSN, NSSF, SMF + S / PGW-C, UPF + S / PGW-U. The NFVO is deployed to orchestrate the network, and the VNFM to manage the VNF at its own site.

- Access to Multi-provider infrastructure containing 5G Core and New Radio software (excep orchestration, i.e., infrastructure for isolated Slice Tenant). It is installed in two public clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud, and in one private cloud. The implementation may use any of 3 virtualization platforms: OpenStack (opensource version and version maintained by Red Hat) and OpenShift (with containers, maintained by Red Hat).


Jordi Mongay Batalla, Warsaw, July 2021