The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Team operates within the Telecommunications Institute of the Warsaw University of Technology. The researchers of NGMN investigate several technical issues related to next-generation cellular networks (5G, 6G), and, concretely, they conduct scientific research on 6G networks and analyze and advise on 5G deployment in Poland and Europe.

NGMN members work not only on the implementation of research projects, but also on practical solutions for the development of 5G networks together with equipment suppliers and mobile network operators.

In addition, members of the Team advise the Government of the Republic of Poland in the field of 5G cybersecurity law, the Ministry of Infrastructure in the field of 5G networks for autonomous automotive, as well as other entities on 5G issues. At the European level, they work with 3GPP standardization bodies, O-RAN Alliance and with the European Commission (EU Cybersecurity Agency - ENISA) on 5G cybersecurity and Risk Assessment.