Gospostrateg 5G@PL: 5G deployment in Polish market. 2018-2021. NCBiR. Project cost: 12 M PLN.

The 5G@PL project aims to develop the comprehensive policy and implement 5G network in Poland. Prompt and effective implementation of the 5G network, including services and applications based on new systems, will allow our country to become a leader in the use of new 5G technologies.

Taking into account the benefits for the domestic economy, the implementation of the policy will provide a technological breakthrough thanks to the ability of Polish companies and startups to innovate services and applications based on the functionality offered by 5G.

The ability to participate directly in the test phases and in consequence in the implementation of innovative 5G scenarios in the real environment will allow the Polish entities to gain significant technological advantage, giving them the possibility of effective competition on European and global markets. In addition, the implementation of the policy will contribute to provisioning of sustainable development of 5G networks throughout the country, ensuring consistent access to 5G services for all residents, thus preventing the emergence of areas without access to the 5G network and counteracting the marginalization of low economic, institutional and infrastructural regions.