Dariusz Bursztynowski, PhD.(1992)

Dariusz Bursztynowski
Dariusz Bursztynowski,
Assistant Professor

Warsaw University of Technology: Associate Professor
room: 348
e-mail: darek@tele.pw.edu.pl
Address: Institute of Telecommunications
Warsaw University of Technology
Nowowiejska Str. 15/19
00-665 Warsaw, Poland

Areas of expertise
Selected Publications

Dariusz Bursztynowski graduated with M.Sc. and PhD. from Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, in 1982 and 1992, respectively. During his professional career, he worked in MERA-PIAP (Warszawa, Poland, 1984-1989), OBR Telekomunikacji (Warszawa, Poland, 1989-1990), Alcatel-SESA (Madrid, Spain, 1990-1992). He joined Politechnika Warszawska in 1992, being involved in teaching and research activities until today. Since 1999, he has been also with Orange Labs Poland, Warsaw, where he currently serves as R&D Expert.

His research interests include softwarized networks and performance optimization of networking solutions. He has been involved in a number of projects in the areas of network planning, network management, traffic engineering and service-oriented networking. Selected collaborative projects contributed to include FP7 4WARD (2008-2010), FP7 GREEN-ICN (2013-2016), FP7 FUSION (2013-2016), H2020 SSICLOPS (2017-2019).

He is currently working in the field of SDN and NFV with special focus on resource management, monitoring and closed loop orchestration in softwarized networks. In the field of 5G, his main interests include network slicing, private 5G infrastructures, edge computing platforms and services based on the MEC concept.

Areas of expertise
- Network performance analysis and optimization
- NFV, SDN, edge computing, network automation and orchestration solutions
- Network management and network slicing

Selected Publications

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