Convergence of AI and Network Management in 6G networks, 2020-2021. POB IDUB. Project cost: 0,2 M PLN.

The aim of the project is the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanisms for autonomous and adaptive management of the future 6G mobile network. AI in telecommunication networks will increase performance, will reduce costs and specially will reduce the vulnerability of the network management. Current 5G network does not accept autonomous management and is still too immature to introduce self-adaptation to the network conditions. Such desired features require the introduction of an artificial intelligence at the heart of the Core network. This will be the U-turn in the future 6G network.

The functionalities of the Core network that require AI are, among others, service configuration, slice orchestration, resource reservation and management, security (data privacy, intrusion detection, massive data leakage and a long etcetera), data allocation, computing process allocation (dynamic change of computing resources). In our project, we will study (1) the slices orchestrator in order to provide dynamic and adaptive orchestration (Artificial Neural Networks and Q-learning); (2) resource (massive) monitoring and the prediction of the resource usage (Particle Swarm Optimization); and (3) the dualism edge-cloud in data processing (where the intelligence of data processing should be located in order to provide regularization among accuracy of the algorithm and time-costs).